Camel - Moonmadness (1976)

"Moonmadness is an album released in March 1976 by Camel. It is the final album that featured the classic line-up (Latimer, Bardens, Ferguson, Ward) from the band. After the release of The Snow Goose in 1975, the band decided to move back into a more accessible direction by adding vocals to their music again. The album still has an overall theme, just as their previous one did, but doesn't follow a storyline since it's mostly based on the band members themselves.
As written in the CD Booklet: Overall, the tracks comprising the album were conceived as a loose concept based on the individual personalities that made up Camel; "Air Born" about Andrew Latimer, "Lunar Sea" about Andy Ward, "Chord Change" about Peter Bardens and "Another Night" about Doug Ferguson." - Wikipedia

Andrew Latimer: Guitar, Vocals
Peter Bardens: Keyboards, Vocals
Doug Ferguson: Bass, Vocals
Andy Ward: Drums, Percussion

01. Aristillus
02. Song Within A Song
03. Chord Change
04. Spirit Of The Water
05. Another Night
06. Air Born
07. Lunar Sea
08. Another Night (Single Version)

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