Czar - Czar (1970)

"Keyboard-oriented rock with some KING CRIMSON, PROCOL HARUM and PINK FLYOD influences. This English foursome made their debut as TUESDAYS CHILDREN back in 1967. Although they did flirt with prog, their record company made sure they never strayed too far from pop. As such, they played the well-known clubs (Marquee, Speakeasy, Scotch of St. James, etc.) and toured extensively with the MOODY BLUES, PINK FLOYD, The TROGGS, The ANIMALS, The NICE, The KINKS, Jimi Hendrix, The WHO and a budding KING CRIMSON to name but a few. In 1970, they changed their name do CZAR, released one eponymous album and then broke up." - Lise (HIBOU)-ProgArchives

- Del Gough / drums
- Bob Hodges / keyboards, vocals
- Paul Kendrick / bass, vocals
- Mick Ware / guitar, vocals

1. Tread softly on my dreams(6:37)
2. Cecelia (8:12)
3. Follow me (3:19)
4. Dawning of a new day (6:11)
5. Beyond the moon (3:44)
6. Today (3:23)
7. A day in September (7:56)

Bonus tracks: CD counterfeit: Fingerprint (1995)
8. Oh Lord I'm getting heavy
9. Why don't we be a rock 'n roll band

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