Gilgamesh - Gilgamesh (1975)

"This is another beautifully intricate album from the canterbury school sounding very close stylistically to Hatfield and the North and National Health, the main detectable differance to me being that this compositionally is a little closer to jazz fusion and it seems Alan Gowen composes longer riffs leaning more toward bebop rather than baroque(ala Dave Stewart). The musicianship ranges from beautiful and gentle to highly evolved and dazzlingly intricate fusion with bass, drums, keys and guitar weaving through the numbers with elegant and detailed interaction; pushing each other; sometimes going just a bit outside but never far..." - wooty-ProgArchives

- Alan Gowen / acoustic and electric piano, clavinet, synthesizers, mellotron
- Jeff Clyne / bass
- Phil Lee / electric and acoustic guitars
- Michael Travis / drums

1. One End More / Phil's Little Dance - For Phil Miller's Trousers / Worlds Of Zin (10:20)
2. Lady and Friend (3:44)
3. Notwithstanding (4:45)
4. Arriving Twice (1:36)
5. Island Of Rhodes / Paper Boat - For Doris / As If Your Eyes Were Open (6:39)
6. For Absent Friends (1:11)
7. We Are All / Someone Else's Food / Jamo And Other Boating Disasters - From The Holiday Of The Same Name (7:48)
8. Just C (0:45)

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